Cleaning Tips Bexley DA15

Project Brings Bonus of New Homes

The refurbishment of the former Woolwich Building Society head office in Bexleyheath is going with a good pace. The purpose of the building is to become the Council's new base from spring 2014.

In order to prepare the site for the construction of 126 new 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom homes, Bellway Homes have started work at the rear of the building. Of the 48 houses and 78 apartments being...

Bexleyheath's Temporary One Way System Removed Ahead of Schedule

Two way traffic has now resumed on Broadway, Albion Road and Highland Road after the temporary one-way system that has been in place since January, has been lifted. The system enabled a few key features of the Bexleyheath Revitalisation Scheme to be installed.

The scheme was aimed at making town centre more attractive for visitors, thus boosting business as well as improving...

Move for Action on Key Bottleneck

A £5.7m investment in improvements to the Queen's Road junction with the A206 in Erith. Has been recommended the London Enterprise Panel (LEP). This was announced by the Mayor of London's on June 5.

Bexley Council has agreed to match fund the project with up to £1 million, given that the plans are approved to The project will help create a dual carriageway over the...